When a student finishes your course, please follow these list of tasks:

  • Make sure that all of the student's marks are in PowerSchool and that the marks are correct
  • Send a final email communication to the student, parent, school admin & contact (if applicable), Tara George, and Ashley Haraldson with the following information:
    • A Subject Line indicating the course is complete (i.e: Final Mark - Math 9 OR Course Completed - Science 10) something that Tara and Ashley will recognize as a course completion.
    • Attach the final progress report. Ashley will print & file these for students CUME folders.
    • A congratulation statement that the course is now complete and the student's final mark in the course and final exam results ( if applicable).
    • A statement to return any resources - Tara will check if the student has any resources signed out and send them an email if they don't return them in a timely fashion.
    • Provide the student with an opportunity to complete a course survey to provide feedback to assist you in possible future course improvements
    • Please cc your Admin Liaison if you believe there might be any issues or concern with the final mark
    • In a separate parent email - If you've sent any exams or assessments to a parent to supervise, you should send them a reminder email to destroy any paper copies they may have printed and delete any digital copies they may still have in their inbox. We don't want to bring this to the attention of the student in this final email, so a separate email is probably best.
    • Also note - Does the student have any online textbook passwords that would need to be recovered? Any subscriptions have any online textbook passwords that would need to be recovered? Any subscriptions (RAZ kids, Readings Eggs, Mathletics, EAL HCOS subscription, etc) That would need to be recovered? Did the student download any material that they should be reminded to delete? 

Completing Students in DLCgo

Go to one of the places below, then click the Current Enrollments button in the Action Menu:

  • The Student Tab, then click the student's name
  • The Teacher Tab, then click your name
  • The Sections Tab, then click the section your student is in.
  • Click the checkbox next to the student(s) name that has completed
  • Click the Complete button. This may take a moment, give it at least 15 seconds
  • Once you click the Complete button the student will be removed from that course in DLCgo and your online course. Student data will still be there if the student is reactivated in the course
    • As the system is new - please check your online course to see if the student has been removed - if not please put in a DLC Helpdesk ticket (dlchelp@sunwestsd.ca) to have the student(s) removed

Recommended Student Completion Email Template

Below is a recommended template to use when a student complete a course. In the last statement of the template we want to try and drive students / parents back to the website to pick new classes, see what's new and continue their education with us - so please recommend a few classes to the student that you think they might be interested in! Elementary teachers may want to list possible events like field trips, workshops, or other learning opportunities.

Subject Line: course Complete - Math 8 


<Insert you congratulation/ completed statement here>

If you have received any resources for this course, please return them to the DLC. This can be done by the following:

  • Dropped off at any Sun West School or the Sun West School Division Office
  • Mailed collect care of:

Sun West Distance Learning Centre

Box 370

408 - 5th Avenue

Kenaton, SK

S0G 2N0

If you have note had a chance to complete my course survey, please do so. Your feedback is valuable and much appreciated

Please visit our website for new and exciting learning opportunities like...recommend a couple of courses the student might be interested in.