1. Sign into YouTube and switch to the Sun West DLC YouTube channel 
  2. Go to Playlists by...
    • A) Click the Sun West DLC YouTube channel profile picture on the top-right 
    • B) Click Creator Studio 
    • C) Click Video Manager
    • D) Click Playlists
  3. Click  to create a new Playlist
    • A) Add a playlist title
    • B) Change from Public to Unlisted (so only people with a link can view the playlist)
    • C) Click Create
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click
  6. Add videos by either entering the URL of the video or searching for it...
    • Click the 'URL' tab and enter the URL of the video, OR
    • Click 'Your YouTube videos', then search for and click the videos.
      Note: To select multiple videos, hold the CTRL (Windows) or Command (MAC) key. 

    • Click Add Videos when you're done

  7. To get the embedded video code, Click Share and copy the code