• When a student completes your course, please follow these list of tasks:
  • Check that your assignments, exams, quizzes, etc. are all weighted correctly in PowerSchool.
  • Make sure that all of the student’s marks are in PowerSchool and that the marks are correct.
  • Update CLEVR if the student had a support plan.
  • Check that the Learning Pathway is correct. This data is tied to completion rates and reported on.
  • On the Current Enrollments Page - Check Transfer Reason. If the student is a rollover it needs to show rollover. If the student is not a rollover any reason is fine, even blank. This data is tied to completion rates and reported on.
  • Send a final email communication to the student’s distribution list and cc dlc.admin@sunwestsd.ca with the following information:

  • Subject Line of the email must contain “Student First and Last – Course Name – Course Complete”
  • A filter is set on the dlc.admin email inbox to forward course completions to the Helpdesk. That filter is triggered by the words “Course Complete” in the subject line so that must be in the there. FOS would also like to know the student name and course.
    • Example: Kelly Grant – Physics 30 – Course Complete
  • Body of the email to include:
    • On a passing grade:
      • A congratulation statement that the course is now complete and credit earned
      • The students final mark in the course
      • A statement to return any resources – please use the example below*.
    • On a failing grade:
      • A statement that the course mark was below passing, course credit has not been earned and to contact their guidance counsellor about credit options
      • The students final mark in the course
      • A statement to return any resources – please use the example below
        • Attach final progress report PDF. FOS will print and file these for full time students CUME folders
        • Provide the student with an opportunity to complete a course survey to provide feedback to assist you in future course improvements. REMINDER – once you complete a student in DLCgo they will be removed from the course and not have access to the survey - so you may want them to complete the survey before you send the final report.
        • Admin does not regularly check the dlc.admin email inbox, so please cc your Admin Liaison specifically if you believe there might be any issues with the final mark.
  • Completing students in DLCgo: Go to any one of the places listed below, then click Current Enrollments in the Action Menu:
    • Student Tab, then click the student’s name OR The Teacher Tab, then click your name OR The Sections Tab, then click the section your student is in.
    • Click the checkbox next to the student(s) name that has completed.
    • Click the Complete button. This may take a moment, give it at least 15 seconds.

Statement to Return Resources & Transcripts for High School Students

If you received any resources from us please return them to the DLC.

This can be done by the following:

  • Dropped off at any Sun West School or the Sun West School Division Office OR
  • Mailed collect care of:

Sun West Distance Learning Centre

Box 370

408 – 5th Avenue

Kenaston, SK

S0G 2N0

If you are requesting your high school transcripts from the Ministry of Education please read our High School Transcript Information. – Please hyperlink the highlight with this link: https://help.sunwestdlc.ca/support/solutions/articles/22000231458-how-do-i-request-my-high-school-transcript