Linking Files (e.g. Assignments on Word)

Linking Files

  • If you want to link to a website, a Word document, to handouts the students can print off, or to link to an assignment sheet that you want the students to print off, fill in the sheet by hand and physically hand it in to you in class - use the Page option, under Add a resource...

This procedure is the same as previously mentioned in another link.

  1. Turn the editing button on
  2. Under Add a resource..., select Page
  3. Type your title, leave the first editor window blank and skip down to the second editor window and type your instructions.
  4. To link something, highlight the text you wish to be the link and click the "Insert Web Link" button - it looks like a chain link and is located just under the bold button.
  5. A new window will pop up. If the link is a website, copy and paste it into the URL blank (be sure to delete the http: in the blank already, because if you copy and paste the website link directly, it will have 2 of the http: propmts and the link will not work)
  6. If you want to link to a Word document, click the Browse button at the botton to find your file (change the target to new window, if you want your document to open in a new window).
  7. Create a new folder (call it something like chapter 1), click on the new folder you just created to open it, then click Browse and find and click on the document you wish to link to.
  8. Once you have found it, click the Upload button.
  9. Once it has been uploaded into your folder, double click the file, then click ok, and your done, it will be linked.
  10. Follow the same process to link to an assignment handout sheet, Powerpoint presentation or whatever.

You can link anything, any number of times on any one page.