This will explain the student experience with DLCgo from application to course closure.

New Students

The way DLCgo is structured is that students first need to apply, get accepted, then choose their courses.

Students go to and hit the Request a Course button in the top right of the site.  This will take them to where they identify with the type of student they are.  They will chose one of the Apply Now buttons, then begin their application.

Initially, they fill out the short form which essentially creates the student and guardian accounts. This form looks a bit differently, depending on the type of student. 

When students hit the Create Account button, they are emailed their login information:


You have recently initiated the Sun West DLC student registration process. You're not in any courses yet, but as soon as we get a bit more information, you can start learning!
You will need to log in to DLCgo, our online learning environment, to complete the registration process.

Your DLCgo user name is:

Your initial password is:

Do not delete this message until you have logged into DLCgo and created your new password.

If you are registered at a school elsewhere,
please log in to DLCgo and complete the registration process.

If you are currently registered with a school or another school division,
will need to locate digital copies of these documents before logging in to complete the registration process:
Saskatchewan birth certificate
proof of Saskatchewan residency (2)
Documents that constitute proof of residency include a driver's license, utility bill, rent receipt, lease agreement, or municipal tax notice. Two of these documents will be required. 

Once you are ready, log into DLGgo to complete your registration.

We have notified your guardian that your student account has been created. As part of your learning support team, your guardian will also have their own DLCgo account from which they can view your course enrolments.
If you have any questions, please call [SUPPORT_PHONE] or email us at [SUPPORT_EMAIL].
Carol Lewis
Administrative Assistant

On the website, they are also taken to the login screen to entice their first login. When they login to DLCgo, they are immediately shown the long form which asks for the rest of the information. We use this dual step process so that creating account is easy and then we have information so that we can communicate with applicants and support the rest of the process. The long form collects more information including residency documentation, birth certificates, and learning needs data. After the long form is complete, our Front Office Staff will review the application and do one of three things:

  • Accept the student
  • Deny the student
  • Send it to SST, Credit Counsellors, or Administration for futher review (who will then accept or deny the student).

When an application is accepted, the student profile is created and the following email is sent to the student:

Congratulations, [FIRST_NAME]!

Your DLCgo Student Profile has been accepted. Congratulations!
The next step is to request a course, or courses. If you are interested in exploring course options, please check out our online course directory. When you are ready to request a course:

  1. Login to your DLCgo account
  2. On the left side of your Dashboard page, click Request a Course (for summer courses click Summer School Courses)
  3. Choose the course Grade level and the semester you plan to work on the course
  4. Select the course
  5. Click the Register button
  6. Check your email – your course selections will be approved or denied by either your school administration (if applicable) or the DLC over the next few days. If you attend a school, speak to your Principal about payment options.
  7. Login to DLCgo to access your new courses. If they have been approved, your course(s) will appear on your Dashboard and you can start learning! Remember you will not get access until your course start date.

Starting in September 2017, we introduced Guided Learning. Guided Learning is a more structured approach to online education. Our online course materials will remain accessible 24 hours a day. Our teachers remain an available asset and an integral part of your learning during scheduled office hours.

Benefits of Guided Learning
  • Scheduled due dates for assignments and exams to assist you in completing your course on time
  • Frequent communication from your teachers including reminders due dates and approximately how far you are from your completion goals, and helpful tips
For Full-time DLC Home Based Learners and Adult Learners
Starting in September 2017, we are introducing Guided Learning, a more structured approach to online education, which is accessible to you if you choose.

If you choose to join Guided Learning you will receive a list of assignments and/or exams and their respective due dates for the course. You will be able to work ahead of the given timeline, however, if you are unable to meet a due date, you should communicate that to your teacher along with a plan for submitting that assignment prior to the designated due date.

When a due date is missed in Guided Learning, a reminder will be sent to you, and your guardian. Each DLC teacher will have options for how you can move forward. If two consecutive due dates are missed, a conversation with you, your guardian, and your teacher will occur to discuss your learning path and required supports.

Interested in Joining Guided Learning?

You are currently in a flexible learning pathway where you can work at your own pace.

If you are interested in joining Guided Learning for your course please email your teacher and let them know.
For Learners taking DLC courses to complement their schooling elsewhere

Based on the best practices of our most successful students, we have changed the way we support students who incorporate online learning into their traditional class schedule. Starting in September 2017, we are introducing Guided Learning for in-school students. Learn more information on Guided Learning.

We look forward to working with you this school year!

If you have any questions with the enrolment process, visit our DLC HelpDesk or call us at 306.252.1000.

Welcome to Sun West DLC!
Aaron Biberdorf
DLC Vice Principal

When students log in next time, they will see their Dashboard:

We expect students will follow the instructions to request a course at this point for their welcome email.

When they request a course it sits in our Request a Course report with a status of WAITING_REVIEW while our FOS or the school Affiliation or Mentor user approves the request.

The student is emailed overnight if the request is not approved, and every three days afterwards if the request is either WAITING_REVIEW or WAITING_PAYMENT.  This email is just to let them know the status of the request.

If the request gets approved, it will either push the enrollment into DLCgo and Your Online Course, or it will go to a WAITING_PAYMENT status (based on the student type).  Once payment is received, the enrollment will be pushed.

Once the course request is approved, students will immediately receive this email:


Your request to join [COURSE_NAME] DLC course has been approved.

Your course starts on [START_DATE
You told us you intend to get started on [START_DATE] and finish by [END_DATE]. We’ve already let your instructor know. Within 48 hours of your indicated start date, your instructor will email you to introduce themselves and to get you started.

You will get access to your course on your start date by logging in to

If you have any questions, visit the DLC Helpdesk or call us at 306.252.1000.

And next time you’re online, come follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook page.


Aaron Biberdorf
DLC Vice Principal

As per the email, the student will not have access to the course until their start date; however the course does appear on their dashboard.  If they try to access the course, they will be asked for an enrollment key.  For more information see the Course Access and Common Issues article.

At this point, students will be contacted by their instructor at least 2 days before their start date.

On their start date, they would be expected to access the course and begin studying.

DLCgo doesn’t automatically interact with the student from here on out unless they drop the course.  If they drop, or we drop them, they are sent the following email:


You have been dropped from [COURSE_NAME] and it has been removed from your DLCgo dashboard. You will no longer be able to access materials specific to [COURSE_NAME] but access will remain for all other currently enrolled courses.
If you have any questions, contact [TEACHER_NAME] at [TEACHER_EMAIL].
Best regards,

Carol Lewis
Administrative Assistant

If a student completes the course, the teacher of the course is expected to communicate with them following the Course Completion Checklist.  For more information see the Course Completion Checklist article.

Once there is closure on a course attempt (completed, dropped, or transfer) the course is removed from their dashboard and they can no longer access the course through DLCgo.  In some cases, they may not be removed from the Online Course course but our helpdesk is slowly fixing this issue.

Returning Students

Students that already have an account would be expected to Request a course as needed. Their experience is similar to the new students experience at this point.  Students that already have an account should not be re-applying to our school.  This causes issues on multiple levels.