This will explain the main issues and how to fix them when it comes to course access for students.

Issue #1:

The student cannot log into DLCgo.

Solution: Reset Password

  1. Reset the student’s password (Student Profile -> click the reset password button)
  2. Tell the student to go to and log in with their username (Student Profile -> Basic Information -> username field) and the password that was just emailed to them (as per email address on file).
  3. If this doesn’t work, please contact DLC Helpdesk with the details.

Issue #2:

The student is asked for an enrollment key.

Solution:  Check start/end dates

Recall that students cannot start a course until their start date is “today” or it is in the past OR if their end date is “today” or in the past.

  1. Go to the Student Profile.
  2. Check to see if a student has an LMS ID (Student Profile -> Basic Information -> LMS ID field):
  • If they do, continue to step 3.
  • If they do not, email with the student’s name and the issue (missing an LMS ID).
  1. Click the Login as Student button on their profile, then click the course in question on the student’s dashboard.  Ensure that you are logged into your online course as them (top right in your online course will tell you who you are logged in as).
  • If you can access the course, they may need to be walked through exactly what to do.
  • If you are asked for an enrollment key, continue to step 4.
  1. Check the Start date in the Academic snapshot. 
  • If the start date is in the future, they cannot get access – ask if the student would like to start early.  If so, see the Current Enrollment article for instructions on changing enrollment data.
  • If the start date is in the past, click on the Current Enrollment page to check the end date.  If the end date is “today” or in the past then this can be extended up to a year from the start date.  If the student attends a school the school must be on board before an extension is granted.  See the Current Enrollmentarticle for instructions on changing enrollment data.
    • If the extension goes into another semester, a help ticket may be needed for a transfer.
  1. If you don’t see any issues with the start/end dates, email with the student’s name and details of the situation.