This will explain the role teachers play in tracking completion rates.

DLCgo records the following rates:  Completion Percentage, Drop Percentage, and Rollover Percentage.

This data is determined based on the data associated with a student’s enrollment when one of the following actions happen:

  • The student gets completed by a teacher.
  • The student gets dropped from a section.
  • The student is transferred with the reason of rollover.

This data is also categorized by the Learning Path of the student when one of the actions above occurs.  So each school would have a completion rate for Guided, Flex, and Personalized.

When one of the above actions happens, DLCgo will record the action along with the learning pathway.  Please ensure these are correct for each enrollment before completing them.  It is best practice to alter learning pathways and alter transfer reasons (if incorrect) as they change or are noticed in case a student is suddenly removed from a course.