Zoom is web based video conferencing software that DLC Staff members can book out for online meetings and tutorials.  We have two accounts staff members can book.  For details on login credentials, see the Brain.

How to start an online meeting/tutorial:

  1. Go to www.zoom.us
  2. Sign in with one of our Zoom accounts. 
  3. Once you are signed in, click Host a Meeting and choose the appropriate option.  I would suggest you choose with Video On or Video Off.  Choosing screen share will end the meeting if you stop sharing your screen. 
  4. At this point, the Zoom client will open.  The first time you use zoom you will need download the client to run the meeting.  You will be prompted by your browser regarding the install.
  5. Once Zoom opens, click Join with Computer Audio.  This will allow you to use your computer headset as your microphone and speakers. 
  6. You can control your mic by muting and unmuting it in the bottom left of the Zoom window. 
  7. If you are going to have video, make sure a webcam is set up and click the video button in the bottom left of the Zoom window, next to the microphone button.
  8. Copy the link for the meeting and email it to your participants by clicking the Copy URL button in the middle of the Zoom window. 
  9. You will hear a chime when a participant joins the meeting.
  10. To record the meeting you can use the record button in the bottom right.  Because this is a shared account, please choose to record to your computer. 
  11. To end the meeting, you can click the end meeting in the bottom right of the Zoom window, or close the window.  You will be prompted by a final window, so choose to End Meeting for All.