In this help and information article, you'll learn how to add the DLC template to Word so when you create a new document, you can easily select the DLC template

Video Instructions

Step 01: Download the DLC template

Download the latest DLC template in the help desk article titled, "Where can I find DLC powerpoint templates, word templates, fonts and icons?". It'll be under the "Using the Template" header.

Step 02: Save the template to your "Custom Office Template" folder

Save the DLC template to your "Custom Office Template" folder:

This PC > Documents > Custom Office Templates

Step 03: Copy the address of your "Custom Office Template" folder

  1. Go to your "Custom Office Template folder (This PC > Documents > Custom Office Templates)
  2. Click the address bar (Note: DON'T click the text, click the white part of the address bar)
  3. copy the address

Step 04: Paste the "Custom Office Template" address to Word

  1. Open Word
  2. Click "File"
  3. Click "Option"
  4. Click "Save" on the left hand menu
  5. Paste the "Custom Office Template" address into the "Default personal templates location" text area 
  6. Click "OK

Step 05: Pin DLC template

  1. Create a new document by clicking "New
  2. Click "PERSONAL"
  3. Hover over "dlcdefault" (DLC Template) and pin the template by clicking this it will turn to this
  4. Go Back to "FEATURED" and click "dlcdefault" (DLC Template) 

Step 06: Edit and Save

Edit and save the document as you would normally would.