In this help and information tutorial, you will learn how to access your school's new website, which is created with AppDrag, a drag and drop development platform.

Step 1: Find E-mail

A) An email would of been sent to you from AppDrag<>

B) The title of the email will be "Someone has shared a project with you". The "project" is your website. 

C) Please read the email, then click "OPEN THE PROJECT"

Step 2: Create an AppDrag Account

A) You will be sent to a login page after clicking "OPEN THE PROJECT", since you don't have an account, click "Signup for free now.!" on the bottom of the page.

B) Enter in your information and make sure to use the email address you received the AppDrag email.

Note: entering your phone number is not mandatory.

C) Click "Create Account"

Step 3: E-mail Verification 

Once you have created your account, you will be sent a verification code to verify your email. Enter this code when prompted on the website.

Step 4: Login Verification

Once your email has been verified you can now log in. 


A verification code will be emailed to you. enter the code exactly as you see it ( it's case sensitive). 


Note: Every time you login you will be sent a verification code. The password you created is used when making big changes to your website like deleting or changing the theme

Step 5: Accessing your website

You are logged in! You will be sent to your dashboard. *Please bookmark this page for easy access*

A) Click the screenshot of your website to get into your website

B) You will be sent to PageBuilder. It will look like this

If you are having trouble accessing your school's website please send an email to