Cisco Jabber is a conferencing software we use to communicate with each other, students, parents and other teachers. In this Help Desk article, you will learn how to 1) download Cisco Jabber, 2) sign into Cisco Jabber, and 3) change the settings so Jabber is launched every time you start your computer.

Getting Started with Cisco Jabber

Step 1: Download Cisco Jabber

  • Contact the division Help Desk at and request they install Cisco Jabber on your laptop.

Step 2: Sign into Cisco Jabber

  • Sign into Cisco Jabber with your Sun West email and password. You will be asked to enter a PIN the first time you sign in. This PIN should of been sent to you, If not, please contact your Admin Liaison for more information.

Step 3: Launch Jabber when Computer Starts

  • Please enable the setting that launches Cisco Jabber when your computer starts so we can reach you during work hours. To do this,
    • A) Click the gear Icon
    • B) Then, click "Options"
    • C) Make sure that "Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts" is checked.