In this help and information tutorial, you will learn how to make a conference call in Cisco Jabber. This will come in handy during Parent/ Teacher contact nights at Sun West DLC.

Step 1:

Call the first person you want to contact. If you don't know how to call contacts, follow this tutorial: How do I make a phone call on Cisco Jabber?

Step 2:

While you're on the phone with your first contact, start the conference call by clicking the Conference button in the more call controls menu.

Step 3:

Add your second contact to your conference call by entering their number in the, "Invite participants" input field. Don't forgot to start with "9" before entering their number.

Step 4:

Click the green Conference icon that appears next to the second contact to add them to the conference call.

repeat steps 3 & 4 to add additional contacts to your conference call. You will know that they are added when their status changes from, "Waiting to join" to "In conference".